"Appalachian Trail Thorough Hikers Notebook"
By Cesar Becerra and Maud Dillingham

Appalachian Trail
Thorough Hikers Notebook

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A diary of hiking the Appalachian Trail

Years before the lightweight revolution caught on, this pair of trailblazing radicals decided to reverse the rules of going further with less weight. Cesar and Maud, the two coiners of the often used new phrase "thorough-hiking" decided, why not go slower and less miles with less weight. A sort-of "slow down and smell the roses approach. Thorough-hiking is a new way to attack the AT or for that matter any long distance trail. Using road crossings as exit ramps, Thorough hiking allows the open minded individual to see the bigger picture of what is nearby as well as what is actually on the trail itself.

Through 330 hand-written, hand drawn pages, done exclusively during their record breaking slowest traverse (one year and 23 days) of the AT. Thorough Hiking Notebook/Journal is chock full with loads of tips on going slower, lighter and tackles the many multi facetted angles that make the At one of the world's most complex recreational phenomenons. All of this, gleaned slowly due to their snail's pace that was inspired by Benton MaKaye's challenge; "I'd like to give a prize to the one who can hike the trail the slowest." No doubt, this duo is the champions at that.

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