"Committed: Admissions and Missives of a Modern Day Nomad"
By Cesar Becerra

Committed: Admissions and Missives
of a Modern Day Nomad

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In 2004, after the demise of his marriage, an intense year in Los Angeles, a 2,000 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail and a 50 state road trip...adventurer Cesar Becerra set off to walk the world. He is still doing so; so far from Key West to New Mexico.

Along his walk he began blogging. One blog dedicated to a monthly essay on the bigger picture of the world, the other a daily view of his movements whether they be on the walk itself or as he weaved in and out of his job as a tour guide and environmental educator and traveresed back and forth from the world walk route.

Becerra also reflected on the forces that led him to walk the planet. He chronicles his childhood in Suburban Miami, where as a kid he'd walk to school each and every day.

574 pages + Photos

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