Greetings, all!

Nope. I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am in "tour mode" gliding from Boston, New York and mainly DC, living in and out of hotel rooms (some of which I have to wonder - especially in the morning..."ok, where am I ") but happy as a clam to be meeting so many new and wonderful people as I make even more friends on all the school trips I have led. You know who you are!

To my new California friends and my old Orlando friends...I had a blast with you and am missing you dearly.

But I have not forgotten my walk, in fact I managed to squeeze a week in late Feb/early March and finally popped out of Missouri and into the great state of Kansas....where I will return in late June to resume the walk.

In other news, Lynn has been hard at work with me (well really her) revamping my website once again and uploading lots and I mean lots of new goodies such as my "bigger picture" Henry David Thoreau essay "Life without Principle," new testimonials on a host of projects, harnessing all the email updates and lots more on my new front page layout. And finally I have entered the world of online streaming videos and am slowly putting video clips on there from a backlog of interesting projects. So far you will find an interview of me on the world walk that was conducted in Columbia MO's KOPN radio station, my appalachian trail exhbit (yes its still for rent, spread the word), Educational Field Trip Salemanship opportunity and much more to come.

Kim, my guru of publishing is almost finished laying out the Frankies Pizza book which should be out by summer and signing up Planet Cesar desciples/expansion employees at Mizzou (University of Missouri) as we tackle on a host of projects.

I have been filling my free days piecing together the Chesapeke and Ohio Canal Pathway Trail called the C & O Canal. It goes for 189 miles and since it connects easily with DC, I've now managed to do about 35 miles in two different weekend trips.

I am currently on Martha's Vineyard (I had a fabulous two days off since one of my tours was canceled) heading to Chattanooga, TN for Holly, Bill, Becky and Nathan Bridges annual "Drinking Party" though I dont drink, and neither do Becky or Holly and Nathan will have to pull up the slack.

As always I'd like to hear from you. Really. I don't get enough updates from you all, so please zap away a sentence or two on what you're up to, upcoming plans, big dreams and the like to

Love ya, c

Orlando friends
Cali friends