Hey everybody!

I'm on LIVE. Well, sort of. Those that have missed my blogging can rest assured I'll be quiet no more! Thanks to my pal Trevor Harris who led me to this awesome do-hickie thingie called a digital recorder....I'm now recording my thoughts and stories and outlooks and fun at http://www.planetcesar.com/cesars_updates.html.

Each broad cast recording is about 5, 6 or sometimes longer, though this device lets me talk for 72 hours! My friends the Bridges of Chattanooga thought I should really have purchsed two or three of them! HA! Anyway each one is listed for a media player or mp3 file. So hell you can upload it to your i-pod and

a. go jogging with me in your ear.
b. ride the subway and pretend your bumpin 50-cent
c. break into your local radio station and hijack the talk show hosts into playing it live
d. place some tracks interspersed between some Barry White tunes during the next dinner date you bring home and...well...well good luck anyway.

The podcasts or webcasts will be divided into distinct sections. Most of them will come under the banner "Life in Tangent; Meanderings and Ramblings of A Modern Day Nomad" but other more subject minded entries will be under the title "Planet Cesar On-Site" where I cover a subject thoroughly and in longer broadcasts such as the first one under this banner: The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show (http://www.outdoorretailer.com/or/index.jsp) that I am now at in Salt Lake City.

My first indepth broadcast of The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show has a great interview with GoLite President and Founder Demetri Coupounas (or as I and others know him as just "Coup") and other illustrations (smallest and newest pop up trailer, boat in a bag, and me fuddling with a GPS unit). Note to listeners, I think this first long interview is a winner though I'm still learning this machine so you will notice a 5 minute section where I didn't know the audio was still on while I was bushwhacking through the woods...but hang in there - it's kinda funny - and just after that my interview with "Coup" gets started and it's a winner as far as insight to the world of lightweight outdoor gear manufacturing.

If you like my broadcasts, please let your friends, family and co-workers (I know some of you are taking company time to peer into the net - don't lie and don't hate the playa hate the game!...lol) know or let me know by either zapping them this link http://www.planetcesar.com/cesars_updates.html with a message that "hey, this little man is got himself a new show!"

The Frankies Pizza book is coming along. We literally go to press like by Friday, the book will be ready by mid September. Stay tuned for more on that. And so the Planet Cesar juggernaut rolls along...

As always, I'd love to hear from ya. Really. I'm starting a new section (it's not ready now but..) about my friends that are doing cool things/adventures...so zap me what you're up to and I just might spread the word!

Love to All, Cesar