The Diary of Trudy the Trail Terrier
By Cesar Becerra & Maud Dillingham

The Diary of Trudy the Trail Terrier
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Miss Gertrude May Higgenbottom III was no ordinary Schnauzer. At twelve and a half pounds, "Trudy" as she was known to thousands...was an optical illusion of fur and never-ending energy! There will simply be no other like her as she "walked to Georgia all the way from Maine."

As part of the slowest "thorough" (thru) hike ever (July 4th 2001 at Katahdin to July 27th, 2002 at Springer), her parents, historian Cesar Becerra and Journalist Maud Dillingham, marveled at her endless stamina.

Through thick and thin, winter and summer, Trudy just wouldn't quit. A perfect example of you-can-do-it attitude for anyone person or animal of any size! "Run Trudy, have fun Trudy, hiking that appalachian trail!"

13 minutes run time. View the trailer on YouTube!

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