Upcoming Projects
It's always been said that I juggle quite a few projects at one time, that is true. I'm just wired that way... But of course I'm never alone, its takes many collaborators and amazing friends and folks I occasionally hire to see these projects through so if any of the below catch your attention and you'd like to help, by all means write me at cesar@planetcesar.com


The Frog Film; A Mockumentary called "Leap and you shall find"

Another Mockumentary being edited now called "Heist; The taking of Larry the Lobster"

The Launch of The Worcester, MA Kids in the Wild Inner City Youth Camping Program

The LAFCO (Los Angeles Filmmakers Coop) and Brewery 10th Anniversary Book

Dec 1st, 2011 Basel like Large Art Art Festival at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Growing Early Blossom Films; which helps first time filmmakers create their first movies

Promote to more film festivals my Documentary Following Frank (of Frankies Pizza)